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We are often asked what makes us different to other charities that facilitate child sponsorship. The main difference, we feel, is our focus on improving the countries we work in from within. We wholeheartedly agree with the principle that every child should have access to education and there are some fantastic charities that work to provide this. Our goal is to take this one step further.

Our vision is that our education programme will allow children to reach their full potential and shape their own future. We look forward to presenting success stories in a few years time of children who have gone on to be doctors, nurses, accountants, tour guides, hotel managers, or whatever it was that they wanted to do. Along with this success, we hope that they will help to support their families and communities and provide opportunities for others to do as they have done.

We also make sure that our sponsors know exactly where their money is going. Each of our sponsors is matched with a particular child or children and receives letters and reports from the children each term showing their progress. 100% of the money donated by our sponsors goes towards child sponsorship. Any admin costs, which are kept to an absolute minimum, are paid for using the money that we reclaim from gift aid or donations from other sources.

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Fund for Action Through Education is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1125401

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